We love working with big picture thinkers. In this specific case, clients who built their business, not around peddling as many hearing aids as they can, but around helping as many people improve their lives as they can. This type of customer-centric thinking is key to building a successful brand. Your image will get them in the door, but it’s their gut-feeling of you that will keep them coming back. When your ideals and image align, that’s money.


We took our client’s lead. Developing a brand around the concept of “Life remastered”, allowing us to focus communication efforts around the emotional side of living with hearing issues. Aesthetically, we ramped up all of the other sensory stimulants to make up for our metaphorical loss of hearing. The result is a loud, bright, attention grabbing identity that can be medical when it wants to be, but never sterile. Like that one healthcare colleague that special orders their scrubs in order to keep one rebellious toe on the other side of the dress code line.